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Enter the market for sustainable biomass

Welcome to the web portal for sustainably produced biomass according to the Netherlands Technical Agreement (NTA) 8080. NTA 8080 is the international standard of sustainability criteria for solid, liquid and gaseous biomass. This voluntary agreement is set up by a broad stakeholder panel representing market players, government and civil society organizations, under the supervision of NEN. Sustainability is broadly defined herein: besides CO2 reduction issues such as land use, biodiversity and working conditions are being looked at.

The NTA 8080 certificate indicates that the biomass companies produce, trade or process complies with international sustainability criteria.

Update 2013

In 2013, a broad group of stakeholders started with the update of NTA 8080. It addresses a number of current issues, including Carbon Debt, indirect land use change (ILUC) and cascading biomass. On the basis of consensus among stakeholders these issues are being translated (where possible) into sustainability requirements.


Which companies have an NTA 8080 certificate?

How can I certify company

I want to become NTA 8080 member

The register contains all organizations that have received the "NTA 8080 approved"

The process for being granted a certificate is described in the road map....

benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experiences with peers and a close
relation with the NA 8080 scheme manager....   

I want to study the sustainability requirements  

I want to perform a self evaluation   

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NTA 8080 describes the requirements for sustainably produced biomass.
 NTA 8081 describes the certification scheme, which includes the ‘rules' to enable certification against the requirements of the NTA 8080....     

Before the pre-audit by the certification body, the organization performs a self-assessment. The system plan is a practical tool for this purpose....  

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